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Ben Riddle – Your Way Home

Ben Riddle’s Your Way Home is a magical serenade to our deeper layers, under layers. It set into frame the fragile, mis-understood, monotony of the excitable possibilities. It’s a cry for the weeping hearts, un-attended.

The near 5 minute song is defining. It raptures and encapsulates the fine tuned mental splatters, in our heads. Emotions are counted and with zero recklessness, it drives a stake, deep and profound.

One can say it’s the long intro to an album, but when it’s done this finely – it’s hard to Not take notice.

After all, first impressions, or at least stating a lead-in atmosphere, can be a great part of presenting an art piece.

And we at CHF appreciate ‘Your Way Home’ very much – for what it is, for what it can become.

Ride with me on that large and fantastic windmill.
Hold my hand and let’s take a ride.
The wings are vast, our imagination larger.
Whoosh, whoosh, the winds abound.
Without a care and we see the country.
Only thing that matters for evergreen.
You, me, together.

Ben Riddle is a folk artist hailing from Melbourne Australia, and his current LP ‘Nidelk’ summons up dark and spurious pasts, with an unadulterated gentleness of a mother’s assurance and love.

The song is fantastic and we dig it, a lot. It’s a weirdly symmetric offering with glints of Radiohead uniqueness and artful poetry.

Kudos, Ben. Kudos.



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