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Ben Shaw ‘Alive’ : Understated but never empty of subject.

Life certainly has its complexities.

Ben Shaw

The silver lining of Ben Shaw’s songs are apparent as they go forth in giving you, its all. Nothing changes with ‘Alive’ – an anthemic single that is of disposition for the thoughts of neglect, sanity, and perpetuance for reality – wraps it self inside a shell of a man, a woman – knowing that this must, but never wanting more than the opposite.

“Alive is all about the fear you feel when really falling for someone but being frightened to tell them,” explains Ben.

“Being scared they don’t feel the same way and that they’ll leave if they knew. It’s trying to document that kind of burning love where one person has really helped the other out of a bad place and so the stakes are high. But eventually you can end up pushing them away being cold, and they never know just how much they meant to you. At the same time, if they want to leave – you’re too in love to stop what they want, so it’s a catch 22. I got the ideas/feelings for this from several different relationships and partners that’ve really helped me, but I shut off emotionally. It’s almost an admission/apology in that sense.”

Falling away is the easiest thing to do. Going with the anxieties of it all, makes sense. An unfair circumstance, delivers you the body blow technical knock out, which prolongs your haze for what was just a moment ago.

Her touch. Her gaze. Your lust. Your loyalty – the loving embrace of security and continuity – diminished by returns, as the fading communication account for what is owed.

Will that feeling ever return again?

Ben’s work is subtle and makes it a fabulous folk indulgence. Understated but never empty of subject, the decadent use of irony, all generated in notes, are heart-ful of context and ravages the lister, in interminable angst.

Life certainly has its complexities.


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