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Ben Stitt Shares Single ‘Fade’. I Collapse, I Ponder, I Dream, I Love.

Melting into you, is what I love best.

I see the darkness, and all I see if the light from your being.

Guide me to the edges of knowledge, take me to that place of revelry.

Delighting in the one thing that makes one happy.

I collapse, I ponder, I dream, I love.

I love you.

I melt into you.

Now, and forever.

BEN STITT’s self produce single ‘Fade’ is off of his recently released EP ‘In The Dawn Of My Days’.

This EP is “me trying to explain and understand the transition from being a careless child and teenager into an adult. And how one of the most important and pivotal event of ones life during that period, falling in love for the very first time, will shape ones life and determine who [we’re going] to be and what path we will go.” – Stitt

We think that’s a noble route to explore. Don’t you?

Let’s take a ride with Ben.




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