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Bene // Octavio Mai // Aisha Badru // Orla Gartland // CURS3S

Bene – Soaked

“I have what’s called my Benevision,” say BENE. “It’s the idea that all of my music, visuals and content contribute to a greater artwork. Right now, I have a blank canvas. I want to pick different mediums, smash them all together through music and physical art, and collaborate with as many different creatives as possible. I use the example of a Jackson Pollock painting.” She’s quite a vision to say the least. The 19 year old is set to put the world on notice, as her r&b habits on her singles really digs deep at the charms that swept the pop world in the 90’s. Exonerating hooks, palatial horizons, irreducible arrangements, and of course BENE’s vocal gravity. Wrong generation, she was born, some would say. But glad she’s in this one so the deliciousness can be felt, as she drives forward. The Aukland originating artist’s ‘Soaked’ should be in your rotation. Period.

Octavio Mai – Rêveries

OCTAVIO MAI is Juliette and Johan. We’d call them: “Interesting, valiant, retractable, obsessive – the duo makes songs and their effects, undeniably delicious and flavorful.” We call them within that context, day after day, for they keep on bringing it with songs like this, ‘Rêveries’ and the tease is complete. The duo makes the darkness, charming and chocolaty good. Even if the subtleties of emotions will kill you, at least there’s OCTAVIO MAI to console you to that end. Take heart. Soak in the glow.

Aisha Badru – Enough

‘Enough’ is by songstress AISHA BADRU, and she’d stated: “’Enough’ shows the parallels between the horrible things we may go through, but the very powerful and transformative phases it pushes us to enter, to find strength within ourselves…From the moment we’re born, we’re fed all these ideas about what is acceptable, what is beautiful, what is valued…We create our identities around these standards that are handed to us. And we become these artificial people.” Let’s not become those walking the Earth as desensitized beings. Let color and texture back into the lives we live. And maybe we can let Aisha’s beautiful and poetic lyrics, into our hearts. Don’t fall in love with Aisha. Even if you won’t be able to. We sure did.

Orla Gartland – Flatline

ORLA GARTLAND doesn’t change her stripes. Well. At least in her quality and delectable pop brilliance. Charming and driving, ‘Flatline’ is about that relationship that just is there, growing, shrinking, stretching, and confusing. Orla added: “A song about giving everything to a friendship and getting nothing back. I’m a fiercely loyal person, often to my detriment – I’ll do everything I can to keep someone happy, but often turn a blind eye to the reality that they wouldn’t do the same for me.” How rude. But things like that happens in our human world. And the best thing to do is dance to the music of shimmering and 80’s pop granted songs of Orla’s caress. It’ll make you free from the angst, and maybe, just maybe, things will become better. Smile, Orla really wants us to. Attitude counts. We’ll work it out.

CURS3S – Knots

Singer/songwriter and producer CURS3S tips the boat as the calmness of the world isn’t quite what’s needed in this world of complexities and diversions. ‘Knots’ is a digitally fascinating contemporaneous vacuum of vibes on layers of edible energies of truth. Sonically dense, emotionally dialed to how we would feel in real life situations – the conversations within ‘Knots’ rack up points for living as it should be. The artist expanded: “[‘Knots’] is how it feels to be stuck in the cycle of abuse.” Density is of degrees. CURS3S comes up from the ashes, to try and beat the prior demons, the best way he can.


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