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Benedict Cork // MORTEN LAVA // Savoir Adore // Tess // Kyan Palmer

Benedict Cork – Fear Of Lonely

London based singer/songwriter/pianist BENEDICT CORK is both beautiful to listen to as infuriating. Why? Beautiful because of his outrageously sophisticated ways of construction feeling to words then to music. Infuriating, because how perfectly comforting his singles could be for us mere mortals. Like the silkiest drape of soothing love, BC’s angular but coaxing vocals hit at the highs to ecstatic levels of love and affection. Notes hit, as our skin shiver in delight. Falling into Benedict’s musical arms, is easy to do. Later this year, his EP ‘Piano Tapes’ will hit. With a fabulous 2018 done, he’ll be making much waves throughout 2019.


MORTEN LAVA brings never sullied expertise to his music. ‘Colour Me’ is one of his demonstrations, as he sets truly unique and memorable stages for his words and notes to dance and frolic – teasing but never in doubt. With tropical-folk dance rhythms, mixed in with Peter Gabriel-esque substance in matter and energy, the enthusiasm boasted through Morten’s pours, never subsides from beginning to end. The pop artist requisites shine and malaise, into a cocktails of pink, blue, purple, packed in that delightful presentation only Morten can offer. This music video was shot in the woods of Sweden, tackling the issues of ‘misperception’ and ‘individuality’.

Savoir Adore – Body Heat

Off of their upcoming full length album ‘Full Bloom (April 5), ‘Body Heat’ is just the tip of that proverbial iceberg of talent. Wielding swords of synth and lyrical playfulness, the duo of SAVOIR ADORE takes electro-pop to a chapter in requisite delight in a life that needs more of such endeavors. Beats are a dime a dozen, but when combines in seductive strolls of pop passions, you get an example such as ‘Body Heat’. Constant 90’s vibe of notes keeps you going forward, looking for the love of your life – or at least for the time being. SAVOIR ADORE gives you license to feel good about it. Oh yea.

Tess – Hypnotized

Solo project. Hitting the ground running. TESS does it in style. Love her? Yes, like your next lover with the lyrical acumen, ready to melt your soul with decadent notes in forbidden desires. We’ve all had those moments. Pause and reset. TESS says “let’s go!” in this single as the connection is full and eternal. Caressing and affectionate, this simple and direct pop tune makes any night a special one.

Kyan Palmer – Antisocial Socialites (with nicopop. & Yuri Joness)

The set is complete. We’d been enthralled with nicopop. and Yuri Joness. Now we have KYAN PALMER within this mix and well, the intensity of fabulous music just keeps on getting better. The bright colors never cease to amaze from this single as it hits on ALL cylinders of pop music construction. The Arizona bred, Los Angeles based producer, keeps making life just shimmer. nicopop. stated about this collaboration: “We have a similar work ethic and taste pallets that compliment each other really nicely in the studio…I truly feel that when Kyan and I work together, we make the music we’ve always wanted to be making.” And it shows like kingdom come. Can’t get enough, and we won’t be the only ones to feel that way.


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