Benedict Cork ‘Wild One’ : “Said goodbye” that remains in the memories. Benedict captures it here.

Benedict Cork

Depth in enveloping waves and sweetness is the definition of Benedict Cork’s single ‘Wild One’ exists. A bridge of dusted emotions, glance back at the nestled pledges of two hearts.

“‘Wild One’ is about releasing someone you cherished, back into the wilderness,” said Benedict. “I feel like it’s acknowledging that you never truly have ownership over someone’s soul, even when they’re the person closest to you in the world.”

Benedict wrote this single in Los Angeles, with performance in 2019 that made it real and surreal. “It feels to me like I’m finally finding closure on a really formative experience and saying goodbye to someone really special.”

About ‘Piano Tapes Vol. II’, Benedict said: “I had a collection of songs that I loved, some that I’d be trying out here and there at shows on the tour, and they felt really good with just piano and vocal. I decided to make ‘Piano Tapes Volume II’, a continuation of my first Piano Tapes EP project – which was a completely live record – but with more experimentation in production layers and sounds. I spent the winter months adding and taking away different layers of choirs and vintage organs mixed with more modern synths and filmic beats. The songs on this EP are really vulnerable and honest, so I wanted the sonics of the record to reflect that vulnerability, and to really have the purity of just the piano and vocals at the forefront of it all.”

A simple, and captivating vein, ‘Wild One’ is a turn back in time – within a moment in time – when things were challenging and harsh. But perseverance and gumption, was the prescription, no matter how hard the cure might have felt.

It’s that “said goodbye” that remains in the memories. Benedict captures it here.


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