Benedicte Braenden ‘Can’t Feel My Heart’ : Voice of beautiful love in harmonies. Truth and loyalties.

Benedicte Braenden / Photo: @henriette_g_haga / Hair and makeup: @hairbyjeathrine

Benedicte Brænden from Elverum, Norway, delivers Americana with a twist—an original sound with a unique mix of country noir and a hint of rockabilly, all laced with Benedicte’s characteristic voice.

““It has been a process of trying to believe more in myself and to let go of thoughts that are holding me back. In a way, it has made me feel more free and sincere and more connected to my feelings.”

Her third studio album, ‘Raging River’, will be released in 2020 with Christian Engfelt returning as producer. A new rhythm section boasts Martin Windstad (Todd Terje, Kurt Nilsen) on drums and percussion, and Yngve Jordalen (The Northern Belle) on bass. Stian Sveen (Lucky Lips) reappears on guitars and as a co-producer. David Wallumrød plays organ and piano. Malin Pettersen and Signe Marie Rustad lend their voices with beautiful harmonies.

All of these details come together to create a unique, modern sound — there’s a hint of soul music, but it remains very true to the Country/Americana genre.


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