BENEE Shares ‘Glitter’ And Accompanying Music Video. Debut EP ‘Fire On Marzz’ Available Now.

Our infatuation with BENEE is that we think that she’s the next global thing. You know. Large and in charge. But at the same time her affectionate vocals just capture emotions that really gets her audience beaming.

‘Glitter’ off of her debut EP ‘Fire On Marzz’ is one of those offerings that just shine with all of the warmth and empathy that we think makes her so cool to listen to.

“I have what’s called my BENEEvision,” said the Auckland New Zealand born singer, BENEE. “It’s the idea that all of my music, visuals and content contribute to a greater artwork. Right now, I have a blank canvas. I want to pick different mediums, smash them all together through music and physical art, and collaborate with as many different creatives as possible. I use the example of a Jackson Pollock painting.”

Chaos and majestic harmony? A natural phenomenon that is hard to fathom, for many. But like the Universe out there, both ‘chaos’ and ‘harmony’ are couple of the pillars that keep this dimension going forward, as we see it.

She stated: “I like the flexibility to cross genres,” says BENEE, “To have the creative space to mix it up and not be confined to one sound.”

“With the media and societal expectations there is this kind of image that people want to see,” added BENEE. “For me, I never want to be something that I’m not or something that I don’t want to be. I want the whole BENEE project to be my artistic truth.”

We’re really into her.

You should be too.



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