Bengal Lancers ‘Resolutions’ : “Focusing on the moment and being happy in your own head.”

Bengal Lancers

Bengal Lancers released their latest emotionally charged single ‘Resolutions’.

“Resolutions is a song of acceptance,” said the band. “Accepting who you are, where you’ve been and being content enough to embrace a future unknown. We spend so much time worrying about how we look or what other people think of us instead of focusing on what’s happening right now, there and then – this song is all about focusing on the moment and being happy in your own head.”

Made up of talents Harry Sullivan, Max Hutchins, Charlie Hawkins and Aidan Wickham, the band combines an understated delicacy with euphoric melodies and poignant lyrics, Bengal Lancers effortlessly create heartfelt yet rousing indie rock that is as expansive as it is brooding.

A touch of the lyrical decadence, dance with a poetry that is sultry and declares a revolution in heart. A battle for the soul of good, one and all, the penetrating folk-framed melodies deliver a smile of gigantic opportunities.

Life is that, ain’t it?

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Keeping 2 meters apart before it was cool. #stayhome

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