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BENJAMIN CARTER Shares Shimmering Single ‘Cosmic’.

Washington DC based artist BENJAMIN CARTER swings at the back wall of love, with impending single ‘Cosmic’. The effort into shimmering guitars and lyrical longing for the one who got away, is the story of many of us who listen. And you should listen, for the single relegates the tired late nights of thinking about the reason for the break-up, is eased. The migraines of lonely nights, and body shivers, have ground you to a halt. Nothing seems like having any color these days. Blandness is the definition of life, with her, him, those small moments of ecstasy.

2018 has been a significant trek into producing works for the public. Benjamin has released acoustic based ‘Rest Easy’ and single ‘Hills’ during August of 2018.

’Cosmic’ is his official 2nd single release.

From our point of view, ‘Cosmic’ should indicate to Benjamin as a milestone that solidifies continued solo journey. The Caymanian-American signer/songwriter combines folk, soul, r&b and pop to offer something soothing for our aching hearts.



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