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Benjamin Shaw Shares His Thoughts On ‘Terrible Feelings!’ “Looking Deeper, Reflecting, Rejecting, Evaluating.”

BENJAMIN SHAW would like for you to leave him alone. Alone with his thoughts. Alone with his memories of super-pasts, in grayish glitches in 70’s-like impassioned family Fuji Color films, decorated by the scent of possible futures that could have flourished. ‘Terrible Feelings!’ is a ‘giving up’ of sorts, where the flooding of that marsh lands is once and for all, accepted – ‘death’ imminent.

‘Imminent’. What a foreboding and ominously defined word.

It’ll be a certainty – a future definite – a guarantee. Benjamin thinks so, and within those old Fuji film collages, he is drowning in sorrow, pity, reservation, and recompense for that one true inkling for life.

“Forgive me, for I am nothing, and I’ve hurt you. How, I do not know, but that just tells you how unconnected I am…”

Rest assured, of the ‘imminent’ revenge of self-induced torture. A coming of a new age.

A new you.

Benjamin is a Canadian born, Blackpool (UK) raised person-of-interest whom lives in the city of Melbourne Australia. He’s an artist first, and his tool is his music. The paintings he depicts sonically, are sometimes unrecognizable – for each one is a puzzle piece, within a complete pallet of a giant game. ‘Megadead’ is that latest puzzle game and the sadness, self-loathing, and honesty of introspection continues.

Delving beneath our business and family exterior veneers, we humans are more vulnerable than we think of each other. We’re more naughty than we show; we’re more devious than we lead on; we’re more kind, than we represent.

‘Terrible Feelings!’ can be yours for the fabulous price of ‘looking deeper, reflecting, rejecting, evaluating’ ourselves.


The 9 track album ‘Megadead’ is out now.



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