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Benjamin Theodore // Jenny Kern // Honeybabe // HAYUNG // Bianca Muñiz

Benjamin Theodore – Easy Pop Song Mode

Balancing the worlds of pop and indie BENJAMIN THEODORE is a singer/songwriter based in Holland and keeps on trying to figure out what a song’s supposed to be for him and for his fans. “A song is like a puzzle to me, every piece has to fit in exactly with the other pieces. That’s why I approach my music in a holistic way: I want every musical element to sound exactly like I hear it in my head.” In 2019, he will be releasing 12 singles, 4 EPs and 20 songs. Ambition, no? Benjamin said: “‘The Art Of Escaping vol. 1-4’ is a collection of songs which I’ve written in the past 10 years. These songs were my escape when growing up as a young adult…It’s my mission to make the world a better place trough telling stories. Mission: Success, BT. Indeed.

Jenny Kern – Old Friend

Jenny’s a special songwriter who really digs deep and tries to pull down the palisades of emotions as she writes. We’d featured her before and stated: “The rushes of memories, hidden prior, floods into the canals of sensibilities and unfurls all of the things that held you together in this world. But you needed it.” And in this single ‘Old Friend’, it dwells on the darkness of alt-rock sensibilities, as it builds to a climax where Jenny’s vocals befall a millennia of solitude and possible resolution. Your resolution. It’s a cinematic presentation that fits for your next ‘move’ in life and actions.

Honeybabe – Letting The Boys In

Founded in 2013, the gang in HONEYBABE frolics with unambiguous gaze and hazes with a flicker of unpretentious latitudes in vibes. Michael La Bella, Matthew McBrien, Austin Keith, Drew Bartosik, and Danny Despard make up this fab gratitude in sound, and in ‘Letting The Boys In’ marks the perfect end to the celebration that was delayed. Maybe it was your party for a new job. Maybe it was your party for your new relationship. Maybe it was the finalization to the date to your HS prom that finally sunk in. Whatever the case, ‘Letting The Boys In’ makes things alright again. Your Universe is whole, once more. The infusion of jangle, rock, and funk-sensibilities, the upbeat “go get’em’ single is affectionate and kindly. The song is a friend. A good friend. Love has a way of sneaking in. And we all need a little encouragement here and there, don’t we? Heck yes.

HAYUNG – Can’t Say

HAYUNG is a solo project of singer/songwriter/producer, whom hails from the city of Berlin, Germany. The writing is minimal. The execution is futuristic. The keys are current. But all of it, combined, is a soaked sponge of ‘notorieties’ that drench your personal emotions with solitude and self-instituted excuses for betterment. Anguish is at the cornerstone of ‘Can’t Say’, as the didactic pulses, guide you into the netherworld where it’ll feel safer – warmer – unconscionable. The feelings of the electro percussions, and the lonesome piano keys, drive a nail to the incoming and collapsing trapes of the begotten heartaches and unrequited visions. THE YOU. THE THEM. THE NOW. Like architecture from Frank Lloyd Wright, the sunlight is hard to get through the narrow windows of you. But the cathedrals of personality, compels, as ‘what it could be’ – enthralls.

Bianca Muñiz – As You Are

Survivor of cancer, Bianca Muñiz keeps on fighting the good fight, because she feels she’d been given another chance to make things better for her surroundings. Immediate and world-wide. The New York based singer/songwriter keeps that knowledge close to her heart and her enthusiasm for life. The unspoken is where her writing comes alive, as the r&b/pop endeavors dictate her dedications. With beautiful vocals and amplified energies, her evangelism for the goodness of life explodes with each note. Bianca stated: “As You Are extends to everything- my experience with cancer, my scars and learning to love myself, relationships, music, and everything in between. It’s about coming forth exactly as I am and accepting myself… knowing that whether or not there are others that accept me, I accept myself first and I am being honest and true to who I am. I have finally accepted myself and allowed myself to love fully. To love and be loved without judgement.” Word, Bianca. Word.


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