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BENJII // SYML // AIR APPARENT // The Zero Won & Sma Rag Da // Drea Réal


BENJII – California

Vancouver Canada originating alt-pop artist BENJII comes with all of the decadence of wistful desires and affectionate attributions to all that is called ‘love’. We want this kind of love. A ‘California’ kind of love. A lush of guitar and vibe drizzle through the gray of your senses, as you embrace the calling of the coolness. Imagining the better colors of a spectrum, BENJII delivers with beautiful freshness, all embodied contextually and with irreverent dignity. This is the kind of song you want in your life. Exploring themes of “solitude, escape, and the search for meaning”, we float together, hand in hand with the soaring vocals and unbridled positivity. In between this and another, we live to the fullest. BENJII’s ‘California’ helps us reach an even greater sense of accomplishment.

SYML – Wildfire

May 3rd, SYML will drop his self-titled debut album. The Seattle based artist breaks the alternate dimensions with his single ‘Wildfire’. And his falsetto vocals burn everything off of our tired bodies, reinvigorating the notion of why we want to exist. Once more, and again, SYML (Brian Fennell) shares the accompanying music video, where synth framed story telling becomes reality. Even if the world tells you otherwise, you have SYML by your side. And when SYML is playing in your heart, the Universe opens up – it opens with a declaration for what you have always felt you can be; can achieve. Love is one facet – a beautiful and important part of life – but it is only one facet. It is a part of your story, not the whole. We continue to struggle in finding the one, and the only. But ‘Wildfire’ is a cautionary tale that we should emblazon with pride and on our lapels, to demand more of ourselves, our lovers, and of the horizon yet unknown. It’s a beautifully tailored pop addition, for sure. Brian stated: “I wrote this song when all I could see was smoke and falling ash outside of my studio. It struck me that in these seasons of destruction and loss, someone might need to hear that there is hope and that they matter. There can be beauty in destruction, literally and figuratively.” Word.


“I really want to help bring more of an Asian identity into popular music. Nearly every culture has rich musical traditions but somehow Asians still constitute a tiny minority among musical artists in America. In addition, among many of my Asian peers, we’ve found that creative careers like making music are often perceived in the culture as career choices that are nonviable at best and lazy at worst. I hope that by creating great music, I can help raise awareness of other identities and experiences in the music industry and also encourage others to showcase their art.” Noble, indeed. And AIR APPARENT (Neil Sethi) is right. But there isn’t a right or wrong. The building of great music is a discipline that becomes, a viable option, with dedication and hard work. Just like any profession. We think ‘Asking You’ is that one big step towards what AA wants out of his path. Word. Get to know his work more.

The Zero Won & Sma Rag Da – Rooftop

Jason Zro, Vasilis Kampouris, Polina Leshnevskaia, Theodoros Kopoul make up THE ZERO WON. And in this delight of a electro-pop endeavor, the artist Sma Rag Da joined them to pull the smooth into the song. The multi-genre band of THE ZERO WON is a fab combination that overlaps seamlessly with the ever intriguing vocal stylings of pop songstress Sma Rag Da. The Greek based artists, gather together to make ‘Rooftop’ a favorite of the club seekers and seekers of fresh, all the more joyful. Treading the line of pure pop, the ensemble offers a great alternative of EDM-like sensibilities, perfect for the those Brooklyn summers.

Drea Réal & Prod. By K-Money – Scars

The scar of a physical nature never subsidizes in emotional degradation. It does however, invest in the memories which linger in the mind and heart of the vanquished. From here things get haywire, with motions of living, becoming distracted with the past road-bumps that haunts. That’s where Drea and K-Money takes us. The questions of whether the physical starts the start of the detriment, or will the emotional and the non-physical start the sequence for a disaster, first? It will vary. One thing that doesn’t vary is the surreal vocals of the duo in ‘Scars’. It is a charming but cerated look at one of the things that cut deep. We survive; yet we do. But at what cost? We never know the answers, but if this is the bottom, than we can try our best to rise again, with Drea and K-Money cheering us on.


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