benzii ‘Broken Mind’ : Conquers with a serious attitude, driven in melodic and profound circuitry.


Super talented and shimmering in creativity, benzii, is the project that stretches alt-pop into new levels of grandeur and poetic envelopment. A sacrifice of the usual, this highly intuitive but malleable lyrical demonstration, acts with impunity and aggression, in story telling assertions.

With influence coming from following K.flay or Ashnikko, the gal from Berlin, delights also in the experimentation and vibrance of acts like Eartheater or Alice Phoebe Lou.

‘Broken Mind’ is the “unspoken words often lead into a mess of feelings and thoughts which can hunt us, if we do not speak our mind”. Especially in social media, and of it, she seeks inner peace where she thinks she can only achieve by being less afraid of direct communication and starting to take risks.

Elisabeth Mercedes Renner is benzii, and her work will knock your socks off. With depth and perception – and of perception – benzii conquers with a serious attitude, driven in melodic and profound circuitry.

Let’s do pop music, like benzii would.


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