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BEREL // ORKID // AmPm // Emily Angell // Elley Duhé

BEREL – Gossip & Rumors

Bay area pop artist BEREL’s single ‘Gossip & Rumors’ is the funky alt-pop created to make you fall in love with the one you love – or maybe just to help you drive towards the love you deserve. Either way, the bass and guitar makes for the good time that is ‘now’ and in front of you. The beach party, summer anthem, presents lyrical illusions, helping to drive home faults of passions and challenges of relationships. But something like that shouldn’t get in our way, right? BEREL doesn’t think so either. Lesson learned. Moving on, to bigger and better. “Music helps me live in the moment. That’s the best high. It’s the best effect music can have on us,” BEREL stated. Yep. That’s how you win. Let’s go!

ORKID – Hands

If you haven’t listened to ORKID already, you’re missing out in a big way. The 21 year old from Stockholm, Sweden is grace and glamor when you think of pop. With a single like ‘Hands’, ORKID (Matilda Melin) directly channels emotions of love and loss, directly from the ethereal. Her vocals make the world a bit more ‘sensible’ and ‘understanding’. With her voice, we can stand taller, and get on with it. ‘Hands’ is the perfect demonstration of ORKID’s dynamics as an artist and singer. The poised power within her start to a note, and subsequent ending is like a novel unto itself. A novel of kindred spirits, trying to find their own way, and ultimately again towards what was obvious. Beautiful stuff Matilda.

AmPm – Faded Love

‘Faded Love’ is a collaborative project between AmPm & Michael Kaneko. And we think it’s decadent as dark chocolate. Deliciously sweet, but with the mind sweeping stamp on the sharp pangs of love’s pitfalls and ultimate outcome. The beautifully danceable techno-ballad, AmPm presents a kind of relish in bringing vision and rapture to a common but unforgiving subject as matters of the heart. “Not everyone is spending a happy year. Everyone must have had at least one tough moment. We hope they make good use of those experiences for the new year. This song should cheer them up as they look back at the tough moments and forward to the new year.” Refreshing ain’t it? It’s that kind of empathy that drives away the demons of the recent past. And don’t we need that excuse at a clean slate, sometimes? Heck yea we do.

Emily Angell – Boss

‘Boss’ is the anthem for you gals. Getting tough, with a unique touch, is what EMILY ANGELL brings to this world of pop. With delicious synth manipulations and bass drive, ‘Boss’ races into the subconscious of your mind and hooks in like – whoa. Emily is a singer/songwriter, producer, guitar and harmonica player, and the Upstate New York native makes it her duty to ‘kick-butt’ in whatever endeavor she’s into. Have you seen her Instagram feed? You should. Take inspiration, and move your own feet to ‘Boss’ and its message of moving forward. Because as they say: “You’re worth it.”

Elley Duhé – Savior

ELLEY DUHE comes at us with ‘Savior’. And in her nomination as one of Vevo’s DSCVR Artists To Watch for 2019, the heavy lifting to secure that outcome is about to become real. But she’s ready for the challenge. With tremendous interest by fans and supporters the singer/songwriter is just ready to take over the world. Too much? Well, let’s see how things go in 2019, shall we?


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