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BERG Shares Single ‘What If’. “To peer into the shadows of what had been.”

BERG, the moniker of singer/songwriter, Alexandra Maccoby Berglöf, and in this installment, she shares a downright sultry and melancholic vision in ‘What If’. The song of situational supposition is thrown at you with melancholic effervescence, as BERG asks: “What If is the story of two people who never told each other how they really felt, and missed their chance?”

If feels like that all the time for many.

A chance that materialized, that felt insignificant at the time, was fleeting. A crossroad of decisions, come at us from every direction in life, and many times – when push comes to shove – we make the other turn of the corner.

Whether about love and the one you let get away; or whether it’s that opportunity to get ahead at your career – the steps or the lack there of, seemed to overbearingly effect the rest of your life’s momentum.

Or is that just in our heads? Hind sight is 20/20. So, is that the end of it all? Is your past the only thing that dictates your future, with zero ways to change your destiny?

Of course not.

BERG is as sentimental and romantic as the rest of us. As a cautionary tale, her single ‘What If’ delves in that emotional exercise, to peer into the shadows of what had been. But at the end of it all, we get to realize that things don’t have to stay the same.

Things evolve.

Things change.

You will change.

You will adapt.

Regret for the past shouldn’t weigh you down, for the goodness that should be your future, will help you survive and thrive.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Alexandra grew up with music in her soul from the age of 5. Trained as a pianist, she and her family left Sweden, after a tragic suicide of her uncle. In her teens, her music ambitions were put on hold.

But now, she comes back with her original passion, thriving at performing and writing her songs with the zest and creativity that she knows she’s capable.

‘What If’ is one of her statements (of many to come).

A venerable anthem, to never settle for the past.

Each minute is a chance to turn it all around.

We agree.



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