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BERNICE Announces New Album & Shares First Single ‘Glue’. Stroll through the meadows, of hearts rebound.

Like a slow lazy walk after that magical night of a date you’d never knew you’d wanted. The mind is in a haze. The birds are chirping, even though it’s night. The sun is out, even though the starts are shimmering. The future is bright, even without knowing what to expect. She was in love. Bernice’s first single ‘Glue’ depicts that first stroll, of a moment in time that changed the course of a life, it’s meaning, it’s purpose. Happiness abounds.

“Puff LP: In The Air Without A Shape” drops May 25.

Hold my hand, and we’ll traverse through this world together. Maya, my darling.
Yes let’s do this together, and we’ll make footprints in the sand.
For all to see, but fleeting and as light as air.
Enjoying each other’s company. Each other’s love for each other.

Just like out of a book or a movie from the 1960’s musical, a loveliness blossomed through a band named Bernice, and the credit rolls slid forward, revealing their instrumental and indie aesthetics that mixed pop, jazz, R&B, broadway musicals.

And we at CHF was blown away.

The kind hearted child, within, wanted to be happy again. With the current world at the darkness in preamble, that child wanted to smile again.

“Our goal was to capture how we really sound,” says songwriter/vocalist Robin Dann of the new album. “Some people in a room, playing music together.”

Simple. But effective.

Dann explains of the track. “I wrote it about the freedom of new love. The outro is co-opted from another song I co-wrote with Felicity and Thom for one of our side projects (Bliss Gloss – which is an outlet for us write the songs we’re not allowed to write in ‘real life’) and it has become such an important part of Glue – it’s a landing pad of feelings, fruits, colours, flowers. Solid ground, finally.”

Vocalist Felicity Williams: “And like the water you bring, we hold onto things. Oh, but isn’t it a wonder when we can realise we walk among the living?”


Don’t let the dream die, gang. Promise?

Buy [HERE]

They’re rep’d by Arts & Crafts.


1. Glue
2. Passenger Plane
3. David
4. One Garden
5. He’s The Moon
6. St Lucia
7. Boat


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