Besos ‘Used 2 Be’ : A turn of endearing empathy, where BESOS awaits.


BESOS delivers a testament to the in inhibitions of our deepest secrets.

“Tender, and drenched in indie-funk, the single usurps with decadent shine and shears off the horns for a time – until that time is available for affection, once more, that is. BESOS is a lo-fi soul-pop project that waits for that beautiful girl at the bus stop, in the 100 degree heat. And because she is the girl he’d been waiting for all his life. Sentimental and stubborn, the lad inside all of us, curates our feelings of warmth and subsequent resilience, in the hopes to caress and give love in all our glory.”

Alejandro Preciado offers swooning glimpses of love that is pure and what it could have been. Lessons learned, in dreams and contention – the writhing acclamation from the depth of confessions, ride down the path of self-effacing glory.

A turn of endearing empathy, where BESOS awaits.


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