Beta Bow – Boom

Xylophone notes just hooks us. No matter what. And put it in a synth-pop environment and we’re in. Beta Bow’s Boom is like playing hop-scotch, with yourself, being careful not to cheat, and being very proud – no matter if others are watching or not. It’s just a cool song.

The processions of the notes, reminds us of those (non-existing) goose-stepping soldiers – who exist in child’s fantasies – handing single men and women stalks of flowers. And those flowers would be to signal, that they are interested in them. The children, would mock the goose-stepping soldiers – for all together they would dance!

Yes. Dance to the beats of ‘Boom’, and they will like it.

And the fantasy will jolt into another realm, and exhibit a stage, on the main boulovard, in that raucous visual futuristic cinematic movie.

“Allya, breakfast is ready,” her mom shouted from the bottom floor of the house.

Allya broke out of the morning day-dreaming and she put on her eye glasses, to go eat downstairs.

Her smile stayed there the whole day.

Beta Bow is a trio (consisting of Guenther Bernhart, Julien Diehn, Sophie Kim) from Vienna Austria, and ‘Boom’ is fab tally on synth pop music. It’s fun, it’s enigmatic, it’s a performance – for the ‘colors’ burst into mind, when listening to it and that’s half the battle.

Yep. It’s an odd piece, but in a fabulous way.

We dig it, and we think you should too.

Beta Bow’s next EP ‘Boom!’ is set for official release on November 23rd, 2017. It consists of 3 songs, but if their history supports, the rest will be fantastic.

‘Boom’ the song is on the ‘softer side’ of their body of work, but none the less, very poignant.

Kudos, Beta Bow. Kudos.


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