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Beth Bombara Shares ‘I Only Cry When I’m Alone/Upside Down’ (Music Video).

BETH BOMBARA has been an indie-folk staple in the St. Louis area for a long time. With local awards and accolades, the singer/songwriter with the tight lyrics and expressions, give off the right kind of attitude in her telling stories, every time.

Deep efforts in her personal versions in Americana, is resilient and exposed. With country music at heartbreaks, and rockin’ aggression at her grittiest, the pop-songstress dances to your inner whims.

‘I Only Cry When I’m Alone/Upside Down’ is a steady paced, gray effervescence, that traverses without a care through the sounding fields of thought and ambitions. A horseback ride in a fantastical world, of emotions and tattered confidence, the protagonist accepts with vigor, and promises to do better.

While absorbing the nature of her/his being.

Charming ain’t it?

See Beth next in Minneapolis, August 13th @ First Avenue & 7th St Entry.



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