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Bethia Beadman Shares ‘At The Beach’.

‘At The Beach’ is that quintessential question, within a question. A black box of quotations, mangled by the gravity of a life, lived and endured. The question of what is not essential, to the un-believable negligence of a human being’s oblivions.

Don’t really care, do we?

Let’s not care. It’s easier.

To take that clay of infinity; then slashing it to bits, deep wounds of a un-declared body of dirt. Why do we deserve this? Why do you do this to the other that loves you, cares for you? Then, when you’re alone, will you care that you won’t be missed any longer?

The question is quintessential.

The answer will come at the 11th hour.

Be with the environment of ‘now’. Right inside the arms of the one who care ‘now’ for you.

Don’t lose it.

Don’t be patronizing.

Taken from the new album ‘Into The Peace (September 2018), Bethia Beadman is a cross between many things. And the London based artist is in her element, in our humble opinion, with this particular single. Emotive, descriptive, poignant, relative, and most of all, heavy with Mercury like spots of decadence – it wrangles your senses and slaps you into shredded protein pieces.

The brooding vocal uniqueness accompanies her longing lyrics, with absolute heaviness and fascinating pull.

Kudos, for sure.



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