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Bethlehem Steel ‘Fig’: There’s a ‘silent’ growl that we love. It’s the whole battle.

The gang in Bethlehem Steel offered their song ‘Fig’. It was disseminated about a month ago. But it’s a tingling weirdness, that Becca’s vocals just keep on drawing us to the band and its musical aptitudes.

We mention Becca (Ryskalczyk) specifically because we think her vocals have a layered attitude, which awesomely compliments the band’s cause.

There’s a ‘silent’ growl that we love.

It’s not a surprise for the band members, but those things matter to us as listeners.

The band has a growl that is apparent, amplifying her growl-li-ness.

And it’s so fun.

The honesty comes through from a combination of such attitude and heart.

And honesty comes through, not from just professing it. But from identifying, recognizing, then accepting ourselves – as human man, or woman.

It’s that start. But it’s the whole battle.

The scheme gets clear.

And clearer.

The hard and flat note incorporations during the riffs – it’s that punk, rock – that ‘dive-bar’ attitude.

It’s a good thing.

The brazen sky, lit with gold.
Was false in, convincing me.
But you were there, to teach me.
In the art of, professing.
It’s on my sleeve, daily.

We dig Bethlehem Steel.

Their inhibitions, described in rock, tickles us pink.

So, you should check ’em out.


They’re rep’ed by Exploding In Sound, working out of Brooklyn.



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