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BEVERLY KILLS’ New Single ‘Melodrama’ Released. “Like, Float In The Air, Man. Dreaming Away.”

BEVERLY KILLS comes throwing this dream-pop extravaganza at our faces, and we take it. We take it to our faces like it’s candy land fizzle sticks and cotton candy razor blades. The single is called ‘Melodrama’ and it’s tasty.

The Gothenburg, Sweden based indie-rock-pop band has it all together in the latest. ‘Melodrama’ is their second single.

The brand new band (brand spankin’) has two singles out, releasing to their live act fans, distributing via digital, and feeling out what’s evoking reactions. And from our CHF point of view, the two singles have demonstrated varying layers of their skillz, and looks to be on the right flow.

We don’t know anything about the band, as of yet. But we’re quite confident we’ll get to know them as the new year approaches.

In the meantime, have at it.



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