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Beverly Kills // Simen Mitlid // The Hi // Francis Moon // Ynys

Jakob Ivar Ekvall

Beverly Kills – In This Dim Light

We love it when we dig a band like BEVERLY KILLS. Unassuming and delightfully aggressive, the riffs grate your back, as you smile in satisfaction. That’s exactly how the vibes from the band comes off as. And that is a great thing. Gothenburg’s up and coming band with singles galore, they have been voted HYMN’s ‘Best Swedish Indie Debuts for 2018’, as well as ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ in the Gaffa Awards. Not too shabby you can say. Their debut physical release ‘In This Dim Light/Melodrama’ limited edition 7” vinyl through Australian Indie label Hell Beach is available now. ‘In the Dim Light’ is brooding with character, as the compelling single digs its heels in, into the dirt of sound, and explodes the dreams into shards of shimmering glass pieces. And we like it that way.

Simen Mitlid – Trying

‘Trying’ is a playful song-on-words, gymnastic exercise of a single that is fun and alive. We’d stated that SIMEN MITLID is: “…perfection when he produces lush guitar folk…” His work extends into analog soundscapes and manipulations too, and with this interesting single, you’re swept away with a little glint in your eye, and attitude. We’d continued about Simen: “Layers upon layer of instruments, delicately directed by Simen’s vocals, the lyrics dance along, avoiding pitfalls of love and the intricacies of relationship we call can relate to.” No doubt.

The Hi – Shout Fire

‘Shout Fire’ is the fourth single from the 3 piece band, THE HI. The graceful intake of the song is enveloping and valueable to the breaking heart. The glue that binds, is just not enough to cure. The scars are open, and nothing – but nothing can stop it from exploding. You shout, and shout. Then you scream, and scream. Why has it become such a mess, you ask yourself. No answers. No answers, at all. Heartfelt and stirring, the simple but complex endurance of the harmonies are burning embers that glow with unambiguous thirst for more love. Henrik, Thomas and Johs combine to bring a perfected presentation in ‘Shout Fire’. Formed in 2015, the project is of YOU and US. Let it consume you.

Francis Moon – Spring Sun

FRANCIS MOON is the follow up to ‘In Colour’. Lots of streaming. Lots of fans, indeed. The quick support from outlets was indicative of the talented offering that FRANCIS MOON offered. The power of simple pop effervescence comes alive with levity and substance. ‘Spring Sun’ is the same in that light. It is the spring of our physical life, coupled with the emotional amplitude that makes life better to love. She loves you. He loves you. We can all love one another….longer…better…deeper. When a song like ‘Spring Sun’ is with you, your holster for life is filled to the brim with positive vibrations and affection. Wish all of life was this way. Blossoming magic of the good side of life is where it’s at. And FRANCIS MOON brings it to reality in this single.

Ynys – Caneuon

YNYS is the project of Dylan Hughes (ex-Race Horses / Radio Luxembourg). Melodic riffs, dainty drops, affectionate playfulness enrich our path as the crumbs of gold guide us through the woods of the sun lit paths. ‘Caneuon’ is a par of a collection of harmonies and psychedelic pop songs which delve into vulnerabilities, cautionary tales, and conscious confusions in our daily and normal lives. The single is a warm fuzzy invitation to a hymn of the heart. As the Dylan-like gentleness is perfected against the sandstone of life, songs like ‘Caneuon’ makes it feel finer and more delicious to experience. ‘Caneuon’ was recorded in Tŷ Drwg with renowned Cardiff producer Frank Naughton and mixed and mastered by Iwan Morgan (Gruff Rhys, Euros Childs, H Hawkline, Cate Le Bon, Meilyr Jones) in Liverpool.


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