Beverly Moon ‘Brother’ : An observation of hope and support; churned into something very special.

Beverly Moon

Life can offer a world full of surprises. It’s a box of chocolates that astound and humiliate our very core beliefs and confidences. It can be a sledgehammer of goodwill or a blade of a thousand deaths.

George Appleton said: “I wrote this song for my brother, who moved across the Atlantic for love. Before relocating to BC, we had become best friends, and had spent many a night at the beach in conversation. It was hard to see him leave, but even harder to watch from a distance as his relationship fell apart.”

The Bournemouth, UK based dream pop quartet Beverly Moon surrounds us with their title single from their debut EP, ‘Brother’.

“The verses centre around the times we shared before he left,” continued George, “and focus on the ephemeral nature of situations/emotions, whereas the chorus was a cathartic process for me, creating the conversation I wish I could have with him, assuring him that in time the dust would settle, and the feelings would subside.”

Comforting and diabolically delightful, the subtle animation of an arm’s length away observation, is radically churned into something very special.



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