Beware! Beware! ‘Wrong Town’ : A well of disdain. And a well of possibilities.

Beware! Beware!

Beware! Beware! lay wistful lyrics and chiming chords upon hypnotic beats, sinister synth and driving bass before grinding into a homogenous mass of psych.

“Drifting from rural to city life and searching for meaning in a location but realising it’s not the place where you live, but the person you live with that counts..”

Haunting and longing, is where ‘Wrong Town’ comes to reside. A vocal demonstration – of capillary vibrance – the song exudes in the best traditions of bands like Radiohead and Pearl Jam.

Deep and clustered, in the most complicated of emotions, the twisting interplay of feelings, collide with administrative compulsion.

A well of disdain. And a well of possibilities.


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