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Big Bend Shares Iridescent Single ‘Can’t Get Around’. Upcoming Album ‘Radish’ Drops May 10th.

Vivian Weidmann

Nathan Phillips is BIG BEND, and the Ohio native oozes with charismatic aura, via his musical and poetic manifestations and light.

‘Can’t Get Around’ is off of the upcoming album ‘Radish’ (May 10th), and it is in among an 8 track compilation, featuring his mother’s voice who’d been a professional musician herself.

This single also is the project’s first non-instrumental recording and with Nathan’s vulnerable but defiantly subtle vocals strident in the album, we expect a smorgasbord of stories upon layers.

Delight will be heard.

The album ‘Radish’ is: “A personal story, it tracks the influence of environment and circumstance on individual understanding. In eight songs, it moves from familial beginnings to loss of certainty, pain and desire, aging and memory.”

We think BIG BEND’s enigmatic and aesthetically relevant presentation will move you.

Let’s look deeper.



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