Big Fox ‘Beast’ : Delicate sound with melancholic flavors.

Big Fox

On her new single, ‘Beast’, Charlotta Perers interrogates the process of using violence and fear to enforce order, and frames through a plucky-pop lens.

Charlotta, through her project Big Fox, stated: “We’re often so good at rationally explaining and justifying our actions that we end up convincing ourselves that we had no other choice. Maybe we didn’t. But the heart never forgets the eyes of the one we have betrayed. The heart never forgets. I wasn’t sure if I could write this song. Finish it. Balance it. It seemed so fragile, tipped over so easily. But it was almost as if it wanted to be written, needed to be. Sometimes maybe even the difficult subjects need their pop costume.”

Inspired by the likes of Feist, Nick Drake and Nina Simone she has toured extensively around Europe, especially Scandinavia, Germany, Italy and France, gathering a large fanbase with her careful orchestrated form of raffinate Indie-Pop. A Pure jewel of female songwriting, minimal piano and string parts mixed with electronic elements, Big Fox creates a delicate sound with melancholic flavors.

Her new publication drops March 20th.

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