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BIG JANGS Shares Single ‘The Deep End’ Off Of Self-Titled 3-Track EP.

BIG JANGS is Jason Dubaniewicz and the singer/songwriter based in San Francisco brings forth a breath of fresh Ocean air to the acoustic indie-folk Universe. ‘The Deep End’ kindles the sentimentality of part of our emotional deprivations and it turns it into something light and frothy, as to say “I am here, and this is the way will be. I’m going to make it right. You should be with me in this fight.”

Jason’s indie-country vocals is reticent-love.

The folksy humor and ironic viscosity of ‘The Deep End’ is delicious to listen to. From the constancy of the strums, to the dependability of the lyrics, Jason’s efficiency in telling a story that could have been, or what it should have been, can turn on those memory switches in your head.

“I grew up hearing my brother Eric and my uncles Ken & Marty play in bands, I knew it was something that I was going to do. The thing that ignited that first spark for me flows through all of this new music…”

As BIG JANGS continues his journey, we do hope he comes with more for us to enjoy, for the combination of sensibilities in his music, signals something fabulous and entertaining.


The self-titled EP is available now.



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