big loser ‘harvey’s last wish’ : Serves up some thoughtful rhetoric in humanity, in that most rockin’ of ways.

big loser

“Someone I know who is gay grew up in a small town, and had to hide their sexuality because it was looked down upon. This song is about Harvey Milk’s last wish of ‘you should be proud to be gay and you shouldn’t have to hide it’.”

Off of the latest album ‘love you, barely living’, big loser serves up some thoughtful rhetoric in humanity. As living beings, with capabilities in empathy and love, there are times when, in a herd mentality, become proud to be a bigot. Only learning in the most wrong of ways can that become reality.

Historical figures, like Harvey Milk, fought for some of the most basic of rights. But the most basic, meant that most hardest engrained mores of society had to be summoned to be bold and courageous, for the sake of progress.

Social justice is always the last to evolve into sophistication, within a societal dimension. But it’s always the first to be discarded, when upheaval commences.

Something to always remember.


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