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Big Mess // Bella Paton // girlcrush // FERGUS // Death Bells

Big Mess – Leather Jacket Weather

BIG MESS said: “It’s basically a song without too much bullshit. The track is about how you feel when you are at your best, and how that feeling reflects on the music you listen to. Maybe that is why Leather Jacket Weather stands out from most of our other songs – because it’s more carefree than what we’ve previously made”. Standing out is what BIG MESS does best. We’d called them previously: “The band is a no holds barred ragtag talented musicians who rock on feeling good, and keep the energies up with pure adrenaline.” Still holds true. Dig.

Bella Paton – Colours Of Gold

BELLA PATON’s strength is her angelic, but inquisitively beguiling vocals. Folk-lined anthems of love and the immutably salient impact of loss, the singer/songwriter from Australia successfully pulls you in and then some. ‘Colours Of Gold’ is the young indie-pop singer’s song of not one particular subject, but of all the grand daydreams we as humans tend to fantasize. It’s a song of wonder. It’s of song for wonderment. And maybe with a tinge of ‘rebel’, the songstress, sprinkles successfully her gumption for her own musical career and its didactic fitment in this modern aged world. Charm, galore.

girlcrush – girlcrush

Do you have a pulse?? You cannot, not like ‘girlcrush’ by GIRLCRUSH. The dynamic trio from Copenhagen is a good time, all the way to the core. Honest, simple, raw, pop – the rock n’ roll essence works overtime with the trio at the helm. Listen to ‘girlcrush’ and yep, you will have a girlcrush too. The band is made up of Marie Anna Svendsen, Andrea Ida Pronk Jacobsen, and Nat Stallbaum. Don’t worry. It’s not only you. It’s all of us. The effervescent beckoning confession to that girl, will leave you free. Free to be in love, with open arms and open hearts. Mission accomplished.

FERGUS – Too Much

‘Too Much’ is the song that breaks hearts. It’s part of FERGUS’ latest project (‘Three Of Swords’ EP available now). This is the music video for this beautiful song. We’d stated prior of the song: “FERGUS returns once more. And with his single ‘Too Much’, the brazenly lovely style of communication blooms with expedient beauty. FERGUS’ vocals are the anchor of this gorgeous project, as he continues to give the give of love and affection for anyone listening to his songs. Off of his upcoming ‘Three Of Swords’ EP (August 2019), offers the world to our senses.” Oh so true. View and listen to FERGUS – again.

Death Bells – Around The Bend

DEATH BELLS’ single has a video. ‘Around The Bend’ is that song. This is the music video. Directed by Marfisia Bel, a writer/director based in Los Angeles, the band stated: “The song was recorded at Station House studios in Echo Park with Chris King of Cold Showers. We tracked everything in a day and mixed the songs between Sydney & Los Angeles. The song is about escaping feelings of stagnation, which is funny considering Remy & I faced the exact same feelings back home in Sydney, which brought us out here to LA.” Urgency, and decrepit vision for what’s been lost – the protagonist tries to catch up to the present. Guilty of feeling, undeserved, the central premise of what something means to the individual. Maybe sometimes, we won’t know until it’s too late.


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