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Big Mess Shares ‘Special Someone’. “Let’s get it on!”

Copenhagen got it good. And that goodness comes with post-punk band, BIG MESS. They rouse you up and bring you to bliss, with thumping punk drums, chords, purposefully out of place rock vocals, and energies that can charge up you new iPhone 11.

Stunningly simple, as punk songs should be.

Alpha in all of its awnings, in strife to glory.

BIG MESS’ full albums drops on September 27th. BIG MESS are done with humility when it comes to recording their music. According to the group themselves they’ve tried to walk a different path than on earlier releases; where their earlier material had an almost theatrical feel to the production – their new material has been stripped down to it’s raw core in a much more straightforward approach.

Done and done.

Band is made up of folks named: Swot Nial, Moosey, Mike B. Stial, and Tony.

Let’s get it on.



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