Big Society ‘Feel’ : You want to travel to the stars?

Big Society

Lovely and wickedly charming, Big Society’s single ‘Feel’ has the feel that we need to survive. You had the bad day of all bad days? You have Big Society. You had the break-up of the century? You have Big Society. You want to travel to the stars? You have ‘Feel’.

The 80’s, shizzling vibes of the guitars, coaxing memories per memories with glitzy shine, the nostalgic, coming-of-age-like beauty explodes with delicious aplomb. The sanctity of privacy and emotional constraints are unbound with each chord progression.

The The Police-like vibes of nu-rock-reggae tidings, glaze you over with the love – for love.

Simply that.

Released February 27th, this gem of a song is ready to be played, over and over.


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