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Big Thief – Mythological Beauty

Big Thief’s Mythological Beauty comes at us in a wickedly subtle way, throwing our feelings on our sleeves, just to have them there. For, we’re waiting for a stranger to pick our ‘feels’ up, and stick it in her pocket. Making us empty, but having more space to lock down the emotions from this song.

It’s on loan, you see.

She took our ‘feels’, but comes with a 15% interest rate, which is undoubtedly high-way robbery.

But she knew that before taking our heart, twisting a fork, just for the sake of…

We want her back.

The unassuming platitudes, resisting every fiber – of love, of empty hellos, of emotions not caressed and recognized.

“Fill me up, please”

I need you to know this.

It’s very important to me.

Should be important to you.

Why aren’t you worried?

Because no matter what, we’re here together.

Big Thief currently tearing it up in their UK/Europe tour. Filled up schedule is a great sign, ain’t it?

Adreianne’s vocals we love, for its poignancy and latitude; it’s soft and direct, keeping the emotions barged nicely in the band’s musical direction.

We love hearing her, always.

And they’re rep’ed by Saddle Creek, HQ’ed in Omaha / Los Angeles.



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