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BIIANCO // Millé // Løv Li // Philip Brooks // Chloe Lilac

BIIANCO – 13 Dead End Drive

BIIANCO is the electronic chill-wave project of LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Gabby Bianco. Identifying herself as queer, she keeps female empowerment at the epicenter of her music, hiring an all-womxn crew to execute her debut music video, single art and incorporating female collaborators throughout the EP. “This song is about reclaiming my own confidence in my voice and my art. It’s about trusting your own artistic vision. When I was working on the production for this song, I was super inspired by Madame Gandhi and her speeches on feminism.” Charming and cosmic, ’13 Dead End Drive’ is a soul searching vision of an artist, who has found her calling in music. The splitting doubts, frustrations, and angst, have settled down like volcano ashes and oddly but beautifully covers the world in its own unique sheen and delight. BIIANCO’s talented single, drives that home, and then some, with tight production and arrangement.

Millé – Minimal Love

MILLÉ is a 20 years old singer, born and raised in Germany but his family roots are in Togo/Africa and France. Smoothly blends his soulful voice with modern productions, while the aspiring actor and active supporter of human rights, brings the love for all to enjoy. Said Millé: “With his debut single “All Good” feat. Malou Prytz we had major success at radio and streaming in Germany and also initial success in Sweden and the Benelux and just launched at radio in France. I’m especially thrilled about the support on ‘Top of the Morning’ and ‘Swag’ in Germany with its current top 10 rankings there. Clearly a major driver for us showing a consistent growth curve on Spotify since launch over 4 months ago.”

Løv Li – Criminals

“I have been working as a ghost producer, while studying violin in Berlin and at the royal danish music conservatory in Copenhagen for the last couple of years. I now decided to start my own project under the artist name ‘Løv Li’ to be able to focus on making exactly the music I love.” The heroic and anthemic visions of the arrangement is both ol’ school and of the future. The ballad of longing and un-requited acts of life. “Growing up playing the violin and the piano I was exposed to a lot of film music composers such as Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky but also to the electro pop music my friends would listen to.” Crafted with thought and ambition, the subtle slopes and gliding of the rolling hills, are obvious in Løv Li’s sound. Caress-able in lust. Founded in the small things of that love. Hearts taken. Never promised to return.

Philip Brooks – so long, see you someday

Eighties synthwave influences, with nostalgic and emotionally charged responsibilities of growing up. “About feeling stuck, lost and scared to be alone among unhealthy millennial make-up-break-up relationship,” stated Philip. ““Writing this song helped me realize how lost I felt and led me to find the necessary words to say and walk away eventually, that’s why I wanted it to still sound empowering and freeing.” With vocals that is the anchor for his song, Philip delivers with the fabulous amount of effervescence and innocent honesty, that charms then grounds our sensibilities for the better. Danceable beats, add to the occasion of ‘So long, See You Someday’, and sparks the interest to our sense of what better times, could have been.

Chloe Lilac – High School

‘High School’ follows previous single ‘Special’, the first to see a release from Chloe’s upcoming EP. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she discovered her love of writing songs & performing at a young age, sneaking out to perform on the streets of New York when she was 14. Now with a flourishing grade of tracks that exude the rapture of trials and tribulations in growing up. We all privately slip in to something nostalgic when we need a place of mind that could make us comfortable for a while. Our memories of past lovers, potential sparks, and those kisses, come to mind, as you sit there with a drink, as the sun rays enter the kitchen. A smile makes an appearance on your face, as you remember. “How fun that was…” you sipped, while giving an accepting sigh.


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