Biiig Stretch x Dee Dot Jones ‘Idgaf’ : And when you break out once more, you’ll be impressed with the new you.

Biiig Stretch

Things were the same. But wasn’t. The room where I slept felt as the day prior. But wasn’t.

Off of album ‘Tiiime Stretch’, Biiig Stetch’s single’, ‘Idgaf’, featuring Dee Dot Jones, is a composite of nihilism at its core. There were something something of negativity and disasters. Both personal and universal, those amalgams of truth, disintegrates the pillars of one’s existence.

Sadi Biiig: “I composed this song on a early morning right before I went to a close friends funeral. On that same morning I sent the composition to my good friend Dee Dot Jones and he sent me back his vocals almost immediately. He also recently lost a friend which is why we both agree that though the world feels like it is ending, we don’t care because we are already losing people around us regardless. I hope you enjoy.

But Biiig wants to say that it’s temporary.

The feeling of now emptiness will be along for the ride for a while, but it’s there for a reason.

Nihilism, will turn itself into a positivity of nurture.

And when you break out once more, you’ll be impressed with the new you.


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