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Bijou Bijou // Isaac Dunbar // KEV // Juno Francis // OIJ

Bijou Bijou – Thing For You

“Bad boys are just my type…” BIJOU BIJOU’s single ‘Thing For You’ is a song about a love dilemma. A certain cause for alarm and the shimmering visions of a girl with a lust for the boy. And with this single, the feeling is that the gal will win that boy over, with flying colors. The project is lead by Kirsten Skopelitis and the Johannesburg South Africa born/raised alt-pop singer/songwriter has a charm that is easily transmitted through these speakers. The ambition of Kirsten is as well apparent as the lyrical work on such a seemingly ‘simple’ song, is relatively complex and exudes emotions that are subtle but identifiably present. ‘Thing For You’ is produced with Wesley van der Westhuizen, recorded Wesley West Music in Linden, Gauteng, South Africa. BIJOU BIJOU’s distinct hazy dream-pop aesthetics indulge on our self-detriments but embolden with as strengthening words for the wise. Beyond years, and beyond countries – Kirsten wants you to hear her love.

Isaac Dunbar – pharmacy

ISAAC DUNBAR is young, talented, charismatic, and a songwriter who just gets it. He’s ‘gotten it’ for a long long time. Even at his 15 year of existence, the pop star exploded to prominence and popularity quickly and distinctively. Indie pop ballads and exquisite expressions make Isaac what he is. His journey continues with his series of singles including ‘Pharmacy’ and his fans just can’t get enough. Isaac is that breath of fresh air that pockets and surrounds with but a wisp. Can’t wait to see him on tour soon.

KEV – go on

Halmstad, Sweden’s own KEV is that caramel of deliciousness in his single ‘Go On’. With soothing synth worked around the beauty of his vocals, the dance inducing capitalization for a love now, and forever, comes to life. “‘Go On’ is about diving so deep into an addiction that everything else fades away,” stated KEV. “Eventually, you don’t care about how you feel or how anyone else feels. All that matters is your drug. It’s about making mistakes, but it’s also about trying to see the light and trying to solve the situation.” Starting his creative life as an actor he opined: ““A theatre show is meant to move the audience, to make them feel something. And that’s what I always want my music to do as well. I don’t want to create music that’s cool – I want to create music that moves both the listener and me. I want to create music that makes us all feel something.” ‘Go On’ is that overlapping place between the funk that Daft Punk belied, then molding KEV’s own sense of what happiness could be. A solitary question, but of most significance and candor. Dance you fool! Dance!

Juno Francis – Dance With Me (Digalaux Version)

Angelica Ranåsen and Jacob Fagerstål drive the synth water fall of music that pours out of the project JUNO FRANCIS. And this time a collaboration with Sweden’s own Digalaux on ‘Dance With Me’ crosses all of the redlines and never looks back. The tone and vivacious incantations of sensibilities built on the frame so f the 80’s, but bulges with 8 cylinder HDR vision in the final approach of their songs. The clarity of voice and 808 intrusions, make a wallop of smackdowns to your previous notions, a trip to vacation wonderland. Life. Youth. Energy. Opportunity. It’s all encapsulated in the hymns of ‘Dance With Me’. It’s your song. It’s an anthem to take it to another level.

OIJ – By Myself

‘By Myself’ is OIJ’s little diddy and dedication to knowing more about yourself. Blend of elements, rap inspiration and a slow Spring weekend vibe, curtails all of the stresses of life for the time being. Driving towards ever more downloads, the artist is angling towards pushing hard in 2019. OIJ said: “’By Myself’ is a song about the occasional desire to be alone and relaxing by yourself, not having to be surrounded by people or being pressured into group activities. It’s perfectly fine to just sit back, disconnect and chill. No peer pressure or FOMO fueled by social media.” Dang. Social media gets in the way all the time, right?! Double edged sword you can say.


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