Bill Sly ‘Enslavement’ : Stripped down, raw, and brazed to fabulousness.

Latest album ‘Underwater, Over Eager’ is out now.

Bill Sly

Off of his latest album ‘Underwater, Over Eager’ (out now), Bill Sly talks about being taken advantage. He’d been sick of a slave to ‘her’ whims. A predicament where we inevitably bring ourselves to in a relationship, Bill Sly wanted to just rebel. Rebel in a song where he can holler for the betterment of men. You, us, all of us, must stick together as our better half tells us what to do at the mall. Bill Sly is your ticket to that extraordinarily kich circumstance. But, none the less, a place you’d always wanted to visit.

“I wrote a bunch of these songs late in the summer and this fall. I broke things off with a girl and that compounding with my already existing depression kinda set me over the edge. Shit is dark but also hopefully funny because I like making funny music.”

Odd cast of contrasts by Bill? Nah. Think of Bill this way: It’s just like that day in class where you can bring your pet koala; It’s that contrast of putting marshmallows into your mouth, while layering it with some peanut butter; It’s that inevitable kiss from your gal, whom looks at your ‘ungodly long’ nose hairs.

Raw, impassioned, ridiculously Bill.

Stripped down and raw, the punk grit and alt menace, drips off of ‘Enslavement’. It’s what we are, and what Bill wants us to feel.

Mission accomplished.

So, love it like, we do.

Oh, and Bill is from New Jersey. He’s also a student at CU, Boulder.

Let’s keep on rockin’.


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