Bill Sly ‘Never Thought’ : Interesting convergence of dedication and loyalty has stuck.

Bill Sly

Bill Sly is a D.I.C.K. A “Debutante, Intelligencia, Cheered (on), (by the essence of the) Kill” – that is. And that was our attempt to describe a part of what Bill Sly is all about. But just like the way it’s been botched, Bill Sly’s genesis of music is exactly that hard to understand.

Off of LP ‘Venus In Retrograde’, the talented Colorado dweller, the boy-to-man heart and emotion are worn at the sleeves of his downright caustic pop tunes. ‘Never Thought’ is messy like your slobbering pet bulldog. But at the same time, it’s also majestically engaging as your girlfriend of 3 years. A relationship of some sort has bloomed with your bulldog and your girlfriend. Both with which a different but interesting convergence of dedication and loyalty has stuck.

It’s that head scratching-ly bogus, but warm to the touch as well.

Said Bill: “The first verse in this song is about getting kicked out of college and the pain and angst that brought. The second verse is about the heartbreak felt after breaking up with my ex. I wanted to go for a sludge/stoner vibe and this is honestly the hardest song on the whole EP.”

Oh well. Let’s mosh a little before it’s too late, shall we?

For, let’s face it, no matter how odd ‘Never Thought’ can be – it’s still a banger.


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