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Billie Black // The LOFT // SHY Nodi // Yoko-Zuna // Keyz Vango

Billie Black – After All

Between the lights and the darkness of relationships here and gone, we deepen our sorrows from the kindness that was represented during those happy moments. Now that it’s fading into the mists of time, we deal with the residue of streaming sadness and unwanted signs of neglect. “It’s about passion and desire. Letting your heart lead your head and not the other way round; pursuing a love that you know isn’t good for you but that you can’t seem to let go; learning to be vulnerable and finding a certain strength in that.” The landmark decision, will determine the outcome of this love that might not be. But is it worth going for? “Yes.” BILLIE BLACK’s voice is timeless, and glows with a perpetual innocence that drips tenderness. In ‘After All’ all of her charms come to pass.

The LOFT – Lonely Boy

THE LOFT is a project that drives 80’s synth and the sentiments of love from the youngster in anyone of us. The pure heart looks at the world with a binary vision of how it ought to be. From the upcoming release ‘Infatuation’, THE LOFT makes quick work of the remaining resistance, penetrating incandescent rhythms of the lonesome, festering to a midnight boil. It’s a simple request of hand on heart, for the thing that eludes. It’s the honest request for a purposeful lover. That person awaits that perfect chance. ‘Lonely Boy’ delivers in its airy architecture, with under-stated sophistication in the voice and lyrical works. It gets to you.

SHY Nodi – No Vibe

With a billion downloads for artists he’d wrote songs for, the dynamic artist SHY Nodi brings his solo project to the fore, with a steely anthem named ‘No Vibe’. A cut throat business, love is, and in SHY Nodi’s single, the declaration to the questions in session, never deviates to the daring relationship patterns and negativities. As the world turns, we turn as human beings, taking down pre-conceived promises and mores. Collateral damage is a boundless fault of the battles we must accept. Many relationships break apart, will it be the fact for you? SHY Nodi states: “In this world, genuine relationships are all we have left in the end. You can’t take money with you to the grave.” Truth. SN’s debut mini-album drops in 2019.

Yoko-Zuna – Minority feat. Noah Slee

YOKO-ZUNA simmers things to the basic core of it all in ‘Minority’ featuring New Zealand born, Berlin (Germany) artist NOAH SLEE. The beautiful song of possibilities is exacted with sweeping harmonies and cinematic vocals. Swap Gomez, Y-Z’s drummer stated: “Children are born without the ability to judge, and we thought that using this idea would be a perfect way to tell the story of ‘Minority.'” Noah Slee added: “‘Minority’ is a song for everyone to soak in and reflect on – it is a voice for the voiceless. I am excited for everyone to see the beautiful visuals and will be full circle to maybe perform this one day.”

Keyz Vango – Halle

KEYZ VANGO is a talented producer from Montgomery, Alabama. And he turns digital pop love songs into sultry wrecking balls for the lovers in all of us.
Now Brooklyn based artist radiates his wares, which bud out of the influences in r&b, hiphop, and alter-electronic music which he blends into his own. “I’ve always dreamed of being able to mash up all the different genres and sounds I hear in my head and put them into headphones or speakers. This is an introduction to the brand, the sound, and the forever changing wave..” Keep on the throttle KV.


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