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Billie Gale Shares ‘The Rules’. “Form of nothingness and delectable consciousness.”

BILLIE GALE is the band headed by Beth Garber. The name is her mother’s, and it is a project dedicated to beauty and living the best you can, within the confines of certain inevitabilities.

The band consists of Beth Garber, Adam Wayne, Eric Shawn, and Justin Wayne.

The atmospheric dream pop fervor that BILLIE GALE presents hones sharp edges of reality into a soft and accessible notions of understanding and the effort afforded. The enveloping vulnerability from Beth’s natural vocal tones, anchor the schematic radiance of their focus.

Sparking guitars with supporting rhythm instruments, soothes your worries into a form of nothingness and delectable consciousness.

‘The Rules’ is an ‘all or nothing’ kind of emphatic statement to the powers that be. Knowing deep inside that nothing can change what has been lost, and that is is up to the grieving, to do their best to keep the embers alive.

A positivity that lingers like the refreshing fog of a beautiful morning.

The band is based in Oakland California and had released their debut EP, ‘Imprint’ in January of 2019.

See BILLIE GALE next at Alberta Street Pub on July 26th in Portland Oregon.



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