Billy Edwin ‘New Tattoo’ : All of his loves and his love for the people he cares for – his music blooms.

Billy Edwin

It’s in the nuance of Bill Edwin’s enthusiasm. For his story. For his family. For the music that he loves to create. Life is fulfilling within the uplifting and positive vibes of his western style charms.

Said Billy: “This is the first song that I’ve ever written about my dear wife of 16 years that didn’t make me want to dig a hole and crawl when it started playing. I love her more than anything in the world and it was killing me to not have a good song for her.”

Billy Edwin played in SoCal punk rock bands for about 15 years, touring North America and Europe. He started writing new tunes in different genres and called up some old bandmates to track a new record. New American West, a full length album releasing this summer, is a culmination of those sessions.

Blending traditional American country and rock music with punk roots, Edwin offers powerful melodies and blunt, not-so-traditional lyrics.

Honesty, and nothing left behind the curtain, all of his loves and his love for the people he cares for – his music blooms.


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