Billy Hammer ‘Glow’ : Let’s chase it down, shall we?

A personable and unperturbed delightful aroma.

Billy Hammer

Billy Hammer throws it down all gentle-like with his single ‘Glow’. Like a wafting suggestion and whisper sweet nothings in your ear, ‘Glow’ tackles you from the solar plexus and casts you another shadow of love and loss and all of the possibilities, in between.

A remixer in another form of his project (GARLYN), the artist, in this guitar and indie-pop driven manifestation comes at you with the subtleties of emotion that you would unequivocally accept as your own. A formidable delight of music and danceable notions, ‘Glow’ is a new start to what Billy has been itching to demonstrate for the Universe. A personable and unperturbed delightful aroma, is built and cast from the guitar licks of this fabulous single.

We’d said of Billy prior: “The effort to find out the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of our purpose for breathing. Guess we’re the only species to date that can do this. Is it a positive that we can? Overwhelmingly yes. But sometimes, even if we grow to be invincible from tacky thoughts of such ilk, we do crumble a bit at time – in our most vulnerable. It’s no secret. But it sure is done in-secret.”

Stated Billy: “’Glow’ is a story told through vignettes, each verse about chasing adventure and life-changing experiences.”

Let’s chase it down, shall we?


Billy Hammer


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