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Billy Moon shares ‘S L Y’ (Official Video). New Album to Come Soon.

Hamilton Ontario’s (that’s in Canada) own Billy Moon, the one the only, is getting ready to release his musical hounds this year (sometime) via a new LP. And he’s released thing called a ‘single’, which is some kind of awesomeness that he’s also put into visual form. How dare he! ‘S L Y’ is a story about a story in a life of a certain person and persons in a world seldom understood.

His handlers at Old Flame Records will re-release Moon’s previous EPs, as well, on March 23rd.

That’s where ‘S L Y’, off of the EP ‘I’ll Push the Pedals and You Steer’. That’s a fab EP, with as much punch and slack, all packed into 4 songs. Whoa.

Anywho, don’t we wish for such blissful and innocent love, just as it’s depicted in the video? We called it ‘certain person and persons in a world seldom understood’, because, TBH, it’s a world we’d like to be in: Once, twice, maybe thrice? However, most of us only get to experience it maybe once. Tragic? Nope. Just reality.

And we always is glad when artists lets us have at it, in music and art.

Just like Moon here has.

Love it.

“You should change your artist bio, that one that’s up there doesn’t sound like you”- Billy’s mom.

Stay tuned for more news on Billy Moon’s debut LP, coming soon.

He’s rep’ed by Old Flame Records.



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