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Birddogs // unhappybirthday // Racyne Parker // Dead Little Penny // The Pierce Project

Birddogs – Better Off Without You

Chicago Illinois based band BIRDDOGS is definitely a fresh sound from the north. The combination of many genres of music, makes BIRDDOGS so unique. The refreshing rock, dipped in prog-rock, then quickly searching for meaning in the guitar solo, ‘Better Off Without You’ is that college aesthetic, with highly polished technical aesthetics. Really? For realz. Look for their full EP soon.

unhappybirthday – Kane

Hamburg Germany based unhapybirthday’s ‘Kane’ is off of the latest album ‘Schaum’. A wispy breath of life is breathed into the lyics, as the bass keeps things honest in this single, brutally drenched in mood and aromatics. The gray colors, shimmer like silver, when the skies open as a shoulder with all the weight of the world, shutters. The dramatic sounds the band makes in ‘Kane’ is indicative of the art-pop surrealism, which beckons correctly the meaning before life and cause. The straight forward righteousness of ‘Kane’ is delicious in its darkness, and consequential electronic contusions.

Racyne Parker – I’m a Mess

Southern Oregon based country singer/songwriter RACYNE PARKER’s single ‘I’m A Mess’ is a promise of sorts. It’s the thought of looking at the small things in life that could matter more. Simple, well kept, edges with an indication of wariness, Racyne’s vocals tie her lyrics into drifts of wood, wandering down a creek in a summer’s late afternoon. She tells us that ‘if you are a mess…this one is for you’. The uplifting single of challenges and recognition for action, is the gift of the new track. Her upcoming debut EP ‘Tumbleweed Town’ drops soon.

Dead Little Penny – Depression

Sarcasm, humor, serious as a heart attack. DEAD LITTLE PENNY’s single ‘Depression’ calls up all of the demons within, and shouts at it like there’s no tomorrow – although in a demure and jangly method. “Writing this track was totally cathartic for me, because it’s something I’ve dealt with so many times – two people falling in love, who both have their own personal struggles and demons,” stated DEAD LITTLE PENNY. And that’s where the magic formula lies, doesn’t it? The caustic combination of two persons who have demons that play and deflect one another – that’s what drama calls for. Good in real life? Is it more exciting for real life? Maybe. Most of the time, maybe not. Hassle? Most definitely. But do you want it all the way gone from the relationship? Would that make it boring? Possibly. Just a little tease of what different questions ‘Depression’ can pose. We dig.

The Pierce Project – Time is Absurd

Play on words. Play on harmonies. Play on love? What is love? THE PIERCE PROJECT is a project of family. And when they get together, the oddity of the lyrics, meld sequentially and it’s very normal for you to become affectionate towards the band. In ‘Time Is Absurd’, the TV melodrama feel comes to the fore, as it should belong on a show about growing up angsts and gainful employment of the coming-of-age formula. It’s a fun single. With the consistent guitar works, pledging and saluting the the styles of surf and pop.


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