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BIRTHH – Supermarkets

“I like that the first thing people hear is the line ‘people are just people, they don’t know what they’re after.’ It’s true. We don’t. I also like the imagery of routine, and how we rely on it to reveal existential stuff in life. Humans have a hard time just stopping and thinking about what’s happening in our lives.” BIRTHH, whose real name is Alice Bisi, and she was raised in Florence Italy, proclaiming early that she’d be making a mark on the music scene. She did. With her debut album ‘Born in the Woods’, she certainly quantified her ambitions with accolades that flooded in. Now she’s back with ‘Supermarkets’ – a slow burner with high and intensified notions for the things that make you go blush. The 22 year-old singer/songwriter and producer BIRTHH is heading off to newer and even more exciting pastures of mind and soul.

Michael Costantini – All Because of You

“There’s nothing like love to sweep you off your feet and drive you to be the person you want to be” stated MICHAEL COSTANTINI. ‘All Because Of You’ is a straight forward bluesy rock power ballad, which desires you to be in love, as much as Michael is. The song is an up-lifiting rock tune with the instrumental guitar line being memorable and catchy, he captures the emotions of love and happiness with his soulful voice and energetic presence. Having been a big part of the Toronto music scene for over 12 years, the singer/songwriter/guitarist with the mostest, keeps it real with his single. It reminds us of what’s so good about life. Love is what it is. It is all encompassing and exciting when it’s right. It’s devastating when it crumbles. For ‘All Because Of You’, Michael reminds us that ‘love’ is more right than not.

stillhungry – Sunco

‘Sunco’ is the lead single off the debut self-titled LP by Asbury Park, NJ based band, stillhungry. Don’t let the softness of the delivery of ‘Sunco’ fool you. It’s as hard and razor-like as you’d like. With pumpernickel tasty glow of notions and memories, stillhungry’s single ‘Sunco’ casts a monitored vanilla sky-like vision and then rather than magnanimously intrude, it decides to convey the thoughts and slights of those days, into a kernel of harmonies and brooding silence that we all can related. A repeating acoustic guitar and rhythmic groove, Erik Kase Romero, Jenna Murphy, and Matteo DeBenedetti are the culprits to this charming and decadent project. stillhungry energizes with the vocally driven angst that is welcomed with open arms.

The Naked Sadies – I Wanna Take Your Guns

“This song was written and recorded very quickly after watching Beto O’Rourke’s “hell yes” moment on the 9/12/19 Democratic Debate. I tried to make my guitar sound as much like Black Sabbath as possible. You’d be amazed at how quickly you can get a specific guitar pedal at 11pm when you live in East Nashville.” THE NAKED SADIES is a project of Dylan Ray. He’s talented. Savvy. Resourceful. And with all those tools, he brings creativity, within a whimsically salient moment of musical opportunity that is ‘I Wanna Take Your Guns’. The song isn’t quite the ‘political statement’ that you’d think is is. But, to us, it is just a statement of what has been the discussion of the country, that has been prevalent for the last many years. The seriousness is the mass deaths of citizens in killings. How to deliver on such a polarizing subject, is another matter. In either case, THE NAKED SADIES is a fabulous cornerstone single from Dylan.

Walkie Talkie – As We Drown

WALKIE TALKIE is the project of Yuval Katz and Tomer Borenstein. “‘As We Drown’ is the 3rd and final single from the upcoming EP ‘Go Easy On Us'”, said the duo. “Over a mellow and playful beat, yet enriched with jazzy harmonies and dark qualities, the speaker tells us about two lovers drifting apart, and their desperate attempt to keep their heads above the water as the relationship drowns.” How poetic, no? The Israel based artists make a habit of presenting art-ful artifacts of note from their instruments of choice. The rather pleasant layering of different vibes, on top of vibes, cleanse the pallet with radical waters and continues to drive you into a certain personal bliss. The synth work and vocal attentions, preside with essence and rationale, as the tinge of trip-hop and r&b keeps the modernity close to heart.


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