BIRTHH ‘PARAKEET’ : Wide and invested vision for her depictions


“I’d basically grown-up with my Nan and she pretty much raised me,” said Birthh. “She’d had a stroke so she wasn’t really there, and that was heartbreaking for me. I wrote ‘Parakeet’ before seeing her and just wanted to put all my childhood memories into a song. To me it’s a special song, because it’s basically my life and my childhood. I was selfish with this one, I didn’t care if people really understood it.”

Birthh is Alice Bisi, and the Florence Italy originating artist, in ‘Parakeet’, takes a more intimate approach. Initially Birthh’s soulful vocals are accompanied by spacious instrumentation – folky acoustic guitar adorned with some graceful piano. But now in a more stripped down in layers and in form, the song envelopes even further, as the soothing nakedness of the song, delivers with key difference.

“I just hope people who listen to my music feel something from it,” Birthh said. “I want to help people with this album. At the end of the day, I hope it has some positivity to it.”

There’s is something to how Alice robustly presents her case, from song to song. A vastly wide and invested vision for her depictions, the weight of her subject comes to full bare as she sings in this delightfully fleeting charm.

Guess that’s one of the aims that makes a song like ‘Parakeet’ what it is.


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