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Bitch Falcon – Of Heart

“Round and round, we go around. Without a care, for the love we had. We lose.” Bitch Falcon is dyno-mite. It’s a band’s output that we want, when the band advertises itself as that – a kick ass no holds barred indie rock band.

Now, ‘Of Heart’ (a crowd favorite) has a new video, to boot.

Heck yea.

And once one sees a band’s live performance (in conjunction with their studio cuts), that gut feeling just squirms up from your lower half of your belly (somewhere near your bladder) and tells you up near your solar plexus that “that’s how it should be”.

That’s how we felt.

Once the ‘squirm’ feeling subsided, it evolved into a straight and steely truth, embedding itself deep and fast into our auditory nerves – saturating it with human devised communication symbols like “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, “fabulous”, and “kick-ass”.

With a little glint of tear in our left eyes, we became jazzed.

Jazzed as much as the bottled soda, up on that supermarket shelf – just waiting for that customer to buy it, and then take it home to open it. Imagining the fizz, fizzing feverishly once the hermetically sealed top was opened.

The soda, then knew, it had fulfilled its promise to the universe.

“Once I was a nobody soda back then,” told the elderly soda bottle, to his next generations.

“I thought I was just one of a million others – built and made like me,” he continued.

“But that day.” he paused with his hands and eyes clenched in glorious memory.

“That day, I was king.”

“For just that day, I was chosen… Out of all my other mates on that shelf. Was a day to remember.”

There are times when one feels awesome and special, even if the same might be happening to his or her peers. But it’s the memory and the connection that was made – in that moment – which can be stored, and bottled to one’s heart’s content.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Lizzie, Nigel, and Barry makes this kind of feeling (we’re sure) for many of their listeners and fans.

And THAT, is a beautiful thing.

What about a full LP? Don’t know yet, but we’ll be awaiting for that moment to drop.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.

Obviously, we’re into this new song by Bitch Falcon.

And we think you should dig them too.



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