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Biyo – Fantasies

Letting loose. That’s what we need sometimes here at CHF. Actually we don’t get enough. We all need some loosening up of the joints, and moving to the groove. And with Biyo’s Fantasies, one can’t help but move and be caressed by someone – softly, firmly – even when you’re by yourself.

Go figure.

And it’s no surprise. It’s a pop song that is so, so good.

It’s not often about the lyrics. It’s all about the vibe. And this vibe in Fantasies cultivates, strokes, surrounds, and gently guides our souls into dance.

Even though we can’t dance (or shimmy)!

Now that’s what we’re talking about! It’s the unthinkable, being ‘thunk’.

But anywho, Biyo, hailing from Nashville TN, has got it together (we’re sure they know this already, and don’t need some publication to remind them) and we can’t wait to keep riding that wave.

What kind of wave? Doesn’t matter. Just has to be big enough to carry a hover-board with the gang from Scooby Doo, at the back.

They’re rep’ed by Future Classic, a fab label in Sydney Australia. Check ’em both out!



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