BJOERN ‘Rocket’ : What it’s like to be. The outer reaches, getting closer. Anthem for it all.

BJOERN / Photo: Karin Lundin

Swedish BJOERN is a new voice on the Nordic music sky. ‘Rocket’ is a big pop song. ‘Rocket’ is what it’s like to be. ‘Rocket’ is the outer reaches, getting closer.

‘Rocket’ is an anthem to all teenagers out there.

If you survive the teenage jungle, then you’ll survive anything. “Rocket on the sky, I could need your high. Let me feel it”. These are the lyrics from the chorus, where the rocket represent that perspective you’re desperately trying to find, to see yourself from above and in which direction you’re heading.

With dynamic and angelic vocals, BJOERN brings articulate tools of conquest in her songs. A beautifully inlaid customs of exploration and assertions, ‘Rocket’ is another step of a talent, looking for her star grandeur.

A podcast episode will be released together with the single. Her podcast #HEARMETHINK lets the listeners come close into the thoughts behind the music and the artist.


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